VIVAN ENGENHARIA is a company specialized in design of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, mass concrete or roller-compacted concrete structures.

The structures are assigned to hydraulic works in general, especially Hydroelectric Power Plants, bridges, industries and buildings in general.

VIVAN ENGENHARIA has been in the area of concrete structures projects for 19 years and it is directed by Eng. Milton Emilio Vivan, who has 43 years of experience in concrete structures projects.

VIVAN ENGENHARIA is able to elaborate or verify designs in accordance to Brazilian standards, ACI, standards suitable to most of the American countries, or Euronorm, including areas subjected to seism. Alternative structural solution leading to lower overall costs are always analyzed.

In recent years the team has elaborated the structural executive design of Irara, Jataí and Retiro Velho SHPP, the structural basic design of Coxilha Rica SHPP, two structural executive projects of the dams of hydroelectric exploitations of Jati and Ávidos for the Transposition of São Francisco River, the structural executive design, the adequacy availability project and structural adequacy executive design of Retiro SHPP in São Joaquim da Barra, two basic designs of the wells Basuca and Carlos Meira of Tiquatira Station of the São Paulo subway, the cover (prestressed structure) of a 35 m diameter reservoir at the Praça da Bandeira in Rio de Janeiro, the Consolidated Basic Design of Ponte Branca and São Francisco SHPPs for SOMAR and the verification of the car dumper structure of Vale in Mozambique in a seismic area.