Computer Resources and Quality Control

All designs are drawn with Autodesk AutoCad software, and are also checked by the engineer who made the structural calculation.
The reinforcement plans are made with programs that use Auto-Cad "scripts", that automatically generates the geometry of the bars and rebar lists, in which are provided the bending diameters for each rebar position.

Following, there is a list of the software available:

- Two versions of STRAP program that allows three-dimensional static and dynamics structural analysis with bars, plates and volumetric elements and post-processor for concrete and metal structures verification; 

- Automatic reinforcement detailing programs (ACAD with AUTOCON script); 

- Concrete Design 3 Columns design under unsymmetrical bending moment and axial force NBR 6318 2003 Professor Lauro Modesto dos Santos; 

- Esbelt reinforced concrete slender columns verification - NBR 6118 2003 Professor Lauro Modesto dos Santos and 

- Internally developed programs with emphasis on the one that calculates the prestressing effect in continuous prestressed structures with variable inertia.

Procedures for monitoring the Projects

At the beginning of the project, a list of documents containing the proposed submission timetable is consolidated. Attached to this list, for each drawing, the necessary information for the elaboration of the document and the deadline for reception of such data are indicated. A bar chart is assigned to this document list, indicating the current evolution of the document (obtained and pendant data, preliminary design, calculation, drawing, verification and correction). The client periodically receives this control.